Self‐resonant modes in Nb‐NbOx‐Pb Josephson junctions

  title={Self‐resonant modes in Nb‐NbOx‐Pb Josephson junctions},
  author={Gianfranco Patern{\`o} and James E. Nordman},
  journal={Journal of Applied Physics},
Measurements of the magnetic field dependence of Fiske steps and ’’zero‐field’’ steps in Nb–Nb oxide–Pb Josephson junctions are described. By the use of a simple variable dc bias scheme, the measured ac volt‐ampere characteristics are made to clearly exhibit the step structure even in the presence of a large dc Josephson current. A comparison with the theory of Kulik for the magnetic field dependence of Fiske steps is shown and the correlation is very good for small L/λj ratios. Deviations for… 
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