Self‐penile glans amputation: a report of two cases

  title={Self‐penile glans amputation: a report of two cases},
  author={Takero Terayama and Toshihisa Sakamoto and Hisashi Ikeuchi and Yoshihiro Tanaka},
  booktitle={Acute medicine & surgery},
Case Self-penile amputation, especially at the glans, has rarely been reported. Most reported cases of self-amputation were performed at the proximal or peripubic area, and there only one case of self-amputation at the glans has been reported in Japan. We report two cases of self-penile amputation at the glans. Case 1: A 31-year-old man with no psychiatric disease completely amputated his penis at the glans. He underwent a stump plasty under spinal anesthesia. Case 2: A 46-year-old man with… CONTINUE READING

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