Selenoprotein deficiency enhances radiation-induced micronuclei formation.

  title={Selenoprotein deficiency enhances radiation-induced micronuclei formation.},
  author={Manjeshwar Srinath Baliga and Veda Diwadkar-Navsariwala and Timothy J Koh and Raja A Fayad and Giamila Fantuzzi and Alan M Diamond},
  journal={Molecular nutrition & food research},
  volume={52 11},
The availability of selenium and the levels of specific selenoproteins might affect cancer risk by influencing the ability of DNA damaging agents to cause genomic instability and mutations. Transgenic mice that express reduced levels of selenoproteins and previously shown to be more susceptible to pathology associated with cancer development were used to study this possibility. These mice were exposed to X-rays and DNA damage assessed in the erythrocytes, where micronuclei formation was higher… CONTINUE READING