Selenoprotein P. A selenium-rich extracellular glycoprotein.

  title={Selenoprotein P. A selenium-rich extracellular glycoprotein.},
  author={Raymond F. Burk and Kristina E. Hill},
  journal={The Journal of nutrition},
  volume={124 10},
Selenoprotein P is a glycoprotein that has been purified from rat and human plasma. In selenium-replete rats it contains 65% of the plasma selenium and its concentration is 25-30 mg protein/L. In selenium-deficient rats its concentration is < 3 mg protein/L. The plasma half life of 75Se in selenoprotein P is 3 to 4 h, indicating a rapid turnover. Purified rat selenoprotein P contains 7.5 +/- 1 selenium atoms per molecule as selenocysteine. The sequence of the cloned cDNA predicts 10… CONTINUE READING
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