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Selenium nutrition and its impact on health

  title={Selenium nutrition and its impact on health},
  author={Alan Arthur Sneddon},

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Insights into the mechanisms of arsenic-selenium interactions and the associated toxicity in plants, animals, and humans: A critical review
Abstract This review highlights arsenic (As) and selenium (Se) sources in the environment, their uptake in the soil-plant system, interactions between these metals and the associated toxicity in
Development of the biotechnology for obtaining a dietary supplement from the selenium-containing probiotic cultures Lactobacillus acidophilus 412/307 and Bifidobacterium bifidum 1
The relevance of creating a new dietary supplement based on the selenium-containing cultures of lacto- and bifidobacteria was proven. We have chosen the optimal source of selenium – sodium selenite
The article describes the role of selenium in the humankind being. The analysis based on the published data shows that the biological synthesis is a perspective way to obtain an organic form of
Vegetarianism and colorectal cancer risk in a low-selenium environment: effect modification by selenium status? A possible factor contributing to the null results in British vegetarians
Available data on Se intake and status in British vegetarians, as well as the relationship between their secular changes in the UK and changes in CRC risk in this dietary group, are compatible with the hypothesis that low Se status may contribute to the largely null results of studies of colorectal cancer risk in vegetarians in the US.
Selenium biofortification in rice - a pragmatic perspective.
The use of biofortified staple foods, namely selenium rice flour can be understood as an important trait, namely for food production for infants, further considering baby foods.
Dietary products consumption in relation to serum 25‐hydroxyvitamin D and Selenium level in Saudi children and adults
The widespread vitamin D deficiency observed in the Saudi population highlight the need for adequate fortification of dairy products and indicate that there is a potential biomarker for cardiovascular risk and dyslipidemia with selenium deficiency.
The olive oil and palm oil have proven antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiparasitic activities for a variety of microorganisms and these oils do not present toxicity in the doses consumed daily.


Selenium Content of a Range of UK Foods
Abstract The selenium content of over 700 food samples was determined representing 100 different types of food. Each sample was drawn from a number of purchases to represent a wide range of product
Studies on human dietary requirements and safe range of dietary intakes of selenium in China and their application in the prevention of related endemic diseases.
600 and 400 micrograms/d were suggested as the individual daily maximum safe selenium intake and the safe dietary selenum intake, respectively, in the prevention of Se-related endemic KD and Kashin-Beck disease.
Selenium in food and health
Selenium in food and health , Selenium in food and health , کتابخانه دیجیتال جندی شاپور اهواز
Dietary selenium: time to act.
The essential trace element, selenium, which the authors largely obtain from bread and cereals, fish, poultry, and meat, plays a vital part in many metabolic functions and evidence that dietary intake is falling in some parts of the world is giving cause for concern.
OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Food and Drug Administration
Evaluated results and behaviors and sexual activities will be used to examine experiences of participants in the RCT.
Assessment of requirements for selenium and adequacy of selenium status: a review
  • C. Thomson
  • Medicine
    European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
  • 2004
There is an urgent need for more large-scale trials to assess any such beneficial effects and to provide further data on which to base more reliable estimates for intakes and plasma selenium levels that are protective.
Methods of assessment of selenium status in humans: a systematic review.
Although there is a substantial body of data for plasma selenium, more large, high-quality, randomized controlled trials are needed for this biomarker, as well as for the other biomarkers, to explore the reasons for heterogeneity in response toSelenium supplementation.
Selenium and coronary heart disease: a meta-analysis.
Selenium concentrations were inversely associated with coronary heart disease risk in observational studies and on the efficacy of selenium supplements in preventing coronary heart Disease endpoints in randomized trials.
Protective role of selenium against hepatitis B virus and primary liver cancer in Qidong
In conclusion, it is shown that a continuous intake of Se is essential to sustain the chemopreventive effect of HBV infection and primary liver cancer, and on cessation of treatment, PLC developed at a rate comparable to that in the control group, demonstrating that the inhibitory response to HBV was sustained during the 3-yr cessation of Treatment.
Food-chain selenium and human health: emphasis on intake
  • M. Rayman
  • Medicine
    British Journal of Nutrition
  • 2008
The present review addresses how Se gets into the food chain, the wide variability in Se content of foods and the very different levels of intake between countries and regions, and the difficulties of balancing the risks and benefits in relation to Se intake.