Selenium elimination in pigs after an outbreak of selenium toxicosis.

  title={Selenium elimination in pigs after an outbreak of selenium toxicosis.},
  author={D Davidson-York and Francis D Galey and P G Blanchard and Ian Andrew Gardner},
  journal={Journal of veterinary diagnostic investigation : official publication of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, Inc},
  volume={11 4},
In May 1996, 150 grower pigs in 5 California counties were exposed to selenium-contaminated feed distributed by a single feed company. Feed samples from 20 herds had a mean selenium concentration of 121.7 ppm dry weight (range, 22.1-531 ppm). In San Luis Obispo County, 52 pigs in 24 herds were exposed to the feed, and 8 pigs died with signs of paralysis. Bilateral symmetrical poliomyelomalacia involving the ventral horns of the cervical and lumbar intumescence was evident on histologic… CONTINUE READING
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