Selenium-Doped Black Phosphorus for High-Responsivity 2D Photodetectors.


Se-doped black phosphorus (BP) crystal, in centimeter scale, is synthesized by a scalable gas-phase growth method under mild conditions. The Se-doped BP exhibits high quality with excellent electrical properties. The Se dope induces over 20-fold enhancement of responsivity (R) for BP-based 2D photodetectors, resulting in a high R and external quantum efficiency of 15.33 A W-1 and 2993%, respectively.

DOI: 10.1002/smll.201600692

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@article{Xu2016SeleniumDopedBP, title={Selenium-Doped Black Phosphorus for High-Responsivity 2D Photodetectors.}, author={Yijun Xu and Jian Yuan and Linfeng Fei and Xinliang Wang and Qiaoliang Bao and Yu Wang and Kai Zhang and Yuegang Zhang}, journal={Small}, year={2016}, volume={12 36}, pages={5000-5007} }