Selective uncoupling of G alpha 12 from Rho-mediated signaling.

  title={Selective uncoupling of G alpha 12 from Rho-mediated signaling.},
  author={Thomas E. Meigs and Juhi Juneja and Christopher DeMarco and Laura N. Stemmle and Daniel D. Kaplan and Patrick J. Casey},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={280 18},
The heterotrimeric G protein G(12) has been implicated in such cellular regulatory processes as cytoskeletal rearrangement, cell-cell adhesion, and oncogenic transformation. Although the activated alpha-subunit of G(12) has been shown to interact directly with a number of protein effectors, the roles of many of these protein-protein interactions in G(12)-mediated cell physiology are poorly understood. To begin dissecting the specific cellular pathways engaged upon G(12) activation, we produced… CONTINUE READING
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