Selective toxicity of rhodamine 123 in carcinoma cells in vitro.

  title={Selective toxicity of rhodamine 123 in carcinoma cells in vitro.},
  author={Theodore J. Lampidis and Samuel D. Bernal and Ian C. Summerhayes and Lan Bo Chen},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={43 2},
The study of mitochondria in situ has recently been facilitated through the use of rhodamine 123, a mitochondrial-specific fluorescent dye. It has been found to be nontoxic when applied for short periods to a variety of cell types and has thus become an invaluable tool for examining mitochondrial morphology and function in the intact living cell. In this report, however, we demonstrate that with continuous exposure, rhodamine 123 selectively kills carcinoma as compared to normal epithelial… CONTINUE READING
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