Selective suppression of judged sweetness by ziziphins.


The effects of ziziphins and of control treatments upon judgments by human adults of the sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness of American apple cider or apple juice were measured with a category estimation method during repeated trials before, during (90 sec treatment duration only), and after, treatment. Sweetness was reduced after either a 10 sec or a 90 sec whole mouth treatment with ziziphins, but not after quinine sulfate or apple juice control treatment. No differences in after-treatment sourness, bitterness, or saltiness occurred between treatments. The reduction in sweetness was weak with 10 sec 3.5% W/V ziziphins treatment, but strong after 90 sec 0.88% W/V ziziphins treatment; duration of suppression was ca. 70 sec. The mechanism was identified as taste modification since adaptation, cross-adaptation, and mixture suppression were eliminated by control treatments and by post-treatment rests and rinse. Comparisons with known gymnemic acids effects suggest that net dissociation of ziziphins from taste receptor membranes and/or inactivation in the membrane may be much faster than with gymnemic acids.

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@article{Smith1983SelectiveSO, title={Selective suppression of judged sweetness by ziziphins.}, author={Virpi V. Smith and Bruce P. Halpern}, journal={Physiology & behavior}, year={1983}, volume={30 6}, pages={867-74} }