Selective secretion of alternatively spliced fibronectin variants

  title={Selective secretion of alternatively spliced fibronectin variants},
  author={Jean E. Schwarzbauer and C S Spencer and Claire L Wilson},
  journal={The Journal of Cell Biology},
  pages={3445 - 3453}
We demonstrate that the alternatively spliced variable (V) region of fibronectin (FN) is required for secretion of FN dimers during biosynthesis. Alternative splicing of the V segment of the rat FN transcript generates three subunit variants (V120, V95, V0) that differ by the inclusion or omission of an additional 120 or 95 amino acids. We are exploring the functions of this segment by expressing variant cDNAs in normal and transformed fibroblasts. Like FN itself, the cDNA-encoded polypeptides… CONTINUE READING