Selective renal tumour biopsy under ultrasonic guidance.

  title={Selective renal tumour biopsy under ultrasonic guidance.},
  author={Masayoshi Abe and Masahito Saitoh},
  journal={British journal of urology},
  volume={70 1},
Selective renal biopsy under ultrasonic guidance has been used widely because it provides safe and accurate tissue sampling. Using this technique, we biopsied 36 renal tumours and obtained specimens in 35 cases. Histology of the biopsy coincided with that of the surgical specimen in 18/21 cases. Dissemination of tumour cells, thought to have been caused by needle biopsy and/or surgical manipulation, was observed in only 1 case of sarcoma. The method thus proved effective in determining… CONTINUE READING

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