Selective proteolysis of the nuclear replication factor MCM3 in apoptosis.

  title={Selective proteolysis of the nuclear replication factor MCM3 in apoptosis.},
  author={Brenda Schwab and Marcel Leist and Rolf Knippers and Pierluigi Nicotera},
  journal={Experimental cell research},
  volume={238 2},
Cleavage of specific protein subsets is a key event in the execution of apoptosis. Protein degradation may serve for the structural alterations that result in cell self-destruction, but it may also function as a switch in the decisions between apoptosis and necrosis or apoptosis and cell proliferation. Here, we show that MCM3, but not other members of the Mcm family of replicative proteins, is cleaved early in several models of apoptosis. Cleavage of MCM3 can be prevented by caspase inhibitors… CONTINUE READING

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