Selective oxidation with dioxygen by gold nanoparticle catalysts derived from 55-atom clusters

  title={Selective oxidation with dioxygen by gold nanoparticle catalysts derived from 55-atom clusters},
  author={Mark Turner and Vladimir B Golovko and Owain P. H. Vaughan and Pavel Abdulkin and Angel Berenguer-Murcia and M. S. Tikhov and Brian F. G. Johnson and Richard M. Lambert},
Supported gold nanoparticles have excited much interest owing to their unusual and somewhat unexpected catalytic properties, but the origin of the catalytic activity is still not fully understood. Experimental work on gold particles supported on a titanium dioxide (110) single-crystal surface has established a striking size threshold effect associated with a metal-to-insulator transition, with gold particles catalytically active only if their diameters fall below ∼3.5 nm. However, the… CONTINUE READING
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