Selective kana jargonagraphia following right hemispheric infarction.

  title={Selective kana jargonagraphia following right hemispheric infarction.},
  author={Ritsuo Hashimoto and Yutaka Tanaka and Mari Yoshida},
  journal={Brain and language},
  volume={63 1},
A strongly right-handed Japanese man showed an unusual writing disorder associated with Broca-type aphasia after suffering a right hemispheric infarction. Writing with his right hand produced a fluent output in contrast to his nonfluent speech. The patient's agraphia disproportionately affected the writing of kana (Japanese syllabograms), leaving relatively intact the writing of kanji (Japanese ideograms). His kana agraphia, consisting of substitutions, intrusions, transpositions, and deletions… CONTINUE READING

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