Selective involvement of mGlu1 receptors in corticostriatal LTD.

  title={Selective involvement of mGlu1 receptors in corticostriatal LTD.},
  author={Paolo Gubellini and Emilia Saulle and Diego Centonze and Paola Bonsi and Antonio Pisani and Giorgio Bernardi and François Conquet and Paolo Calabresi},
  volume={40 7},
Although metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGluRs) have been proposed to play a role in corticostriatal long-term depression (LTD), the specific receptor subtype required for this form of synaptic plasticity has not been characterized yet. Thus, we utilized a corticostriatal brain slice preparation and intracellular recordings from striatal spiny neurons to address this issue. We observed that both AIDA (100 microM) and LY 367385 (30 microM), two blockers of mGluR1s, were able to fully prevent… CONTINUE READING
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