Selective expression of FLIP in malignant melanocytic skin lesions.

  title={Selective expression of FLIP in malignant melanocytic skin lesions.},
  author={Roberto R Bullani and Bertrand Huard and Isabelle Viard-Leveugle and Hugh Randolph Byers and Martin Irmler and J H Saurat and Jurg Tschopp and Lars Einar French},
  journal={The Journal of investigative dermatology},
  volume={117 2},
FLIP (FLICE Inhibitory Protein) is a recently identified intracellular inhibitor of caspase-8 activation that potently inhibits cell death mediated by all death receptors including Fas and TRAIL. FLIP has recently been shown to favor tumor growth and immune escape in mouse tumor models. We analyzed FLIP expression by immunohistochemistry in a panel of 61 benign and malignant human melanocytic skin lesions. FLIP expression was undetectable in all but one benign melanocytic lesion (31/32, 97… CONTINUE READING