Selective expression of CYP3A5 and not CYP3A4 in human blood.

  title={Selective expression of CYP3A5 and not CYP3A4 in human blood.},
  author={S K Janardan and Kenneth S. Lown and Phyllissa Schmiedlin-Ren and Kenneth E. Thummel and Paul B Watkins},
  volume={6 5},
There is a marked variation between people in the activity of CYP3A4 in liver and intestine. We reasoned that if CYP3A4 was expressed in peripheral blood cells, a simple blood based test of CYP3A4 phenotype might be feasible. We prepared peripheral blood smears from healthy volunteers and performed immunostaining with a rabbit polyclonal antibody that selectively reacts with enzymes within the CYP3A subfamily. Staining was observed only within the cytoplasm of neutrophils (PMNs). cDNA prepared… CONTINUE READING


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