Selective encryption algorithm implementation for video call on Skype client


Video calling is one of the widely used method of communicating. Encryption is applied to video call data to keep it secret. Real-time encryption is needed to support real-time communication such as video calling. Selective encryption is present as a solution to this problem. Skype is software that supports video calling. It cannot be ascertained whether Skype communication channel can be eavesdropped or not, since Skype communication protocol is very closed and concealed. Because of skype closed and concealed communication protocol, there is possibility that Skype party can eavesdrop communication in its communication channel. In this paper, we proposed a Skype client application made especially for video calling. Its main objective is to implement a selective encryption algorithm in video calling, especially via Skype. This Skype client is implemented in C++ programming language using Skypekit API from Skype. Testing proved that Skype client built support video calling with minor delay. Selective encryption algorithm is implemented to encrypt video in this Skype client.

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