Selective destruction of microscopic fungi through photo-oxidation of ergosterol.

  title={Selective destruction of microscopic fungi through photo-oxidation of ergosterol.},
  author={{\'A}ngel Trigos and Ana Ortega-Regules},
  volume={94 4},
Ergosterol is an important component of fungal membranes. This sterol can be easily transformed to peroxide of ergosterol by photo-oxidation with singlet oxygen. Cultures of Papalauspora immersa were grown on Czapeck agar medium, and subjected to the following conditions: 1) irradiation with daylight and quartz light (excluding UV light), 2) addition by diffusion of yellowish eosine (0.1 mg/mL), and 3) the control (no yellowish eosine, under darkness conditions). Fungal growth was completely… CONTINUE READING

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