Selective destruction of human leukemic cells by alkyl-lysophospholipids.

  title={Selective destruction of human leukemic cells by alkyl-lysophospholipids.},
  author={Reinhard Andreesen and Manuel Modolell and Hans Ulrich Weltzien and Hansjoerg Eibl and H H Common and Georg W. L{\"o}hr and Paul G. Munder},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={38 11 Pt 1},
The effect of synthetic lysophospholipid analogs on the proliferation of human leukemic cells was studied in vitro. Cells from patients with various forms of leukemia were cultivated in the presence of nine different but chemically closely related lysophospholipids. Alkyl-lysophospholipid analogs were found to cause progressive killing of the leukemic cells over a period of 72 to 96 hr. This cytotoxic effect was dependent on the presence of the ether-linked aliphatic side chain in sn-1 of the… CONTINUE READING