Selective deficits of vibrotactile sensitivity in dyslexic readers.

  title={Selective deficits of vibrotactile sensitivity in dyslexic readers.},
  author={Catherine J. Stoodley and J. B. Talcott and Eric L. Carter and Caroline Witton and John F. Stein},
  journal={Neuroscience letters},
  volume={295 1-2},
Developmental dyslexia is a disability of literacy skill that has also been associated with sensory processing deficits, primarily for the detection of dynamic auditory and visual stimuli. Here we examined whether analogous deficits extend into the domain of somatosensory perception. Detection thresholds for each of three frequencies of vibration were obtained for 11 readers with a prior history of dyslexia and 14 similarly aged adult controls. The poor readers were significantly less sensitive… CONTINUE READING

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