Selective adsorption of ions in charged slit-systems

  title={Selective adsorption of ions in charged slit-systems},
  author={M'onika Valisk'o and Douglas Henderson and D. Boda},
  journal={Condensed Matter Physics},
We study the selective adsorption of various cations into a layered slit system using grand canonical Monte Carlo simulations. The slit systemis formed by a series of ne gatively charged membranes. The electrolyte con tains two kinds of cations with different sizes and valences modelled by charged hard spheres immersed in a continuum dielectric solvent. We present the results for various cases depending on the combinations of the properties of the competing cations. We concentrate on the… 

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Selective adsorption in slit-systems
  • J. Phys. Chem. C,
  • 2007