Selective Wireless Power Transmission Through High-$Q$ Flat Waveguide-Ring Resonator on 2-D Waveguide Sheet

  title={Selective Wireless Power Transmission Through High-\$Q\$ Flat Waveguide-Ring Resonator on 2-D Waveguide Sheet},
  author={Aska Noda and Hiroyuki Shinoda},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques},
2-D waveguide power transmission (2DWPT) can potentially provide a safe and wireless means of electricity transfer. Our goal is to develop a 2DWPT system in which the power is transferred only to special receiver devices and not to other objects. For this purpose, a new high-quality (high-Q) factor receiver coupler is designed, while the Q of other general objects are reduced by a thick insulator layer on the sheet. This contrast in Q enables selective power transmission to the receiver coupler… CONTINUE READING
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