Selective Modulation of Ligand-Gated P2X Purinoceptor Channels by Acute Hypoxia Is Mediated by Reactive Oxygen Species

  title={Selective Modulation of Ligand-Gated P2X Purinoceptor Channels by Acute Hypoxia Is Mediated by Reactive Oxygen Species},
  author={H. S. Mason and S. Bourke and P. J. Kemp},
  journal={Molecular Pharmacology},
  pages={1525 - 1535}
  • H. S. Mason, S. Bourke, P. J. Kemp
  • Published 2004
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Molecular Pharmacology
  • Purinergic excitatory synapses use ATP to mediate fast synaptic transmission via activation of P2X receptor cation channels, and this response can be altered by acute hypoxia. This study examined the effect of acute hypoxia on cloned homo- and heteromeric P2X2 and P2X3 receptors expressed in human embryonic kidney 293 cells. In cells expressing homomeric P2X2 receptors, perfusion of 5 μM ATP (EC25) induced an inward whole-cell current that showed little desensitization during repeated exposures… CONTINUE READING
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