Selective Action of Polarised Light upon Starch Grains

  title={Selective Action of Polarised Light upon Starch Grains},
  author={Edward Charles Cyril Baly and E S Semmens},
IN a recent note (Annals of Botany, 39, 651, 1925) Prof. Neilson Jones has criticised our statement (Proc. Roy. Soc. 97 B, 250, 1924) that starch grains are selectively hydrolysed by polarised light in the presence of small quantities of diastase. Prof. Jones is under a misapprehension when he says that we accepted the frilling or serration of the grains as evidence of hydrolysis. We did not do so, for what we observed was the complete disappearance of the starch grains when illuminated with… Expand
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