Selection on sperm morphology under relaxed sperm competition in a wild passerine bird.

  title={Selection on sperm morphology under relaxed sperm competition in a wild passerine bird.},
  author={Sara Calhim and Helene M. Lampe and Tore Slagsvold and Timothy R. Birkhead},
  journal={Biology letters},
  volume={5 1},
Theories regarding the role of sexual selection on the evolution of sperm traits are based on an association between pre-copulatory (e.g. female preference) and post-copulatory (e.g. ejaculate quality) male reproductive traits. In tests of these hypotheses, sperm morphology has rarely been used, despite its high heritability and intra-individual consistency. We found evidence of selection for longer sperm through positive phenotypic associations between sperm size and the two major female… CONTINUE READING


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