Selection of functional human antibodies from retroviral display libraries

  title={Selection of functional human antibodies from retroviral display libraries},
  author={Johannes H. Urban and Richard M. Schneider and Marta Compte and Carsten Finger and Klaus Cichutek and Luis Alvarez-Vallina and Christian J Buchholz},
  journal={Nucleic Acids Research},
  pages={e35 - e35}
Antibody library technology represents a powerful tool for the discovery and design of antibodies with high affinity and specificity for their targets. To extend the technique to the expression and selection of antibody libraries in an eukaryotic environment, we provide here a proof of concept that retroviruses can be engineered for the display and selection of variable single-chain fragment (scFv) libraries. A retroviral library displaying the repertoire obtained after a single round of… CONTINUE READING