Selection for tetracycline-resistant Chlamydia suis in treated pigs.

  title={Selection for tetracycline-resistant Chlamydia suis in treated pigs.},
  author={Nicole Borel and Nadine Regenscheit and Antonietta di Francesco and Manuela Donati and Jenny Markov and Yvonne Masserey and Andreas Pospischil},
  journal={Veterinary microbiology},
  volume={156 1-2},
The aim of this study was to investigate Chlamydia suis in a pig farm with an outbreak of conjunctivitis and diarrhea. Eye swabs and pooled fecal samples were investigated for the presence of C. suis by real-time PCR and ArrayTube microarray. Samples positive for C. suis by ArrayTube microarray assay were further tested for the presence of the tet(C) resistance gene by PCR. In the first examination, C. suis was identified in 12 six-week-old pigs showing conjunctivitis. Of these, the tet(C) gene… CONTINUE READING
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