Selection and design of high-affinity RNA ligands for HIV-1 Rev.

  title={Selection and design of high-affinity RNA ligands for HIV-1 Rev.},
  author={Lori Giver and David P. Bartel and M. Zapp and Michael R. Green and Andrew D. Ellington},
  volume={137 1},
We have used in vitro selection to isolate minimal, high-affinity RNA ligands for the Rev protein of HIV-1. Sequence analysis reveals that the tightest binding aptamers exhibit some similarity to a Rev-binding element (RBE) localized within the Rev-responsive element (RRE), but also contain novel sequence and structural motifs. A short helical stem and bulged nucleotides (nt) CUC ... UYGAG that have no counterpart in the wild-type (wt) element contribute to high-affinity binding. We have… CONTINUE READING

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