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Selecting a New Analyzer for the Hematology Laboratory:The Experience at OhioHealth Hospitals

  title={Selecting a New Analyzer for the Hematology Laboratory:The Experience at OhioHealth Hospitals},
  author={K. Moser and Frankie Seelenbinder and S. Mcfadden and Cheryl Adkins and Margaret Goshay and F. Davis},
This paper details a decision-making process used by OhioHealth Hospitals to select a company to supply all hematology laboratories in the system with instruments, reagents, and service. The 2-phase approach included an initial assessment of 5 companies. In the second phase, 2 companies, Beckman Coulter and Sysmex, were evaluated by an in-depth assessment of product line, technical performance, operational performance, and financial analysis. Results from all surveys and side-by-side studies… Expand
Performance evaluation of the complete blood count and white blood cell differential parameters obtained using a Celltac F automated hematology analyzer.
Performance of a new hematology analyzer, the Celltac F, MEK-8222, was evaluated and comparisons were excellent for neutrophils, lymphocytes, and eosinophils and were acceptable for monocytes. Expand
CBC, Serum Proteins, and Immunoglobulins in Chronic HemodialysisPatients with or without Pruritus in Egypt
It is demonstrated that there was a highly significant decrease in serum level of IgA, IgG, and IgM levels in pruritus patients compared to that of the control groups, and it seems that there is possible link between the dialyzing membrane,Pruritus, eosinophilia and IgE, and this link necessitates future studies. Expand
Evaluation of Nutritional Status and Heavy Metals Toxicity for Asthmatic Children
It is concluded preventing heavy metals poisoning in early childhood is an essential component of strategy to improve the health success of asthmatic children. Expand
The Potential Effect of Special Formulas on Cirrhotic Rats
Liver protective effect of special formulas (1 and 2) was assessed against carbon tetra chloride (CCl4) which induced liver damage in Wister albino rats. The two prepared formulas reduced theExpand
Effectiveness Protection of Soy Flour and Spirulina on Lead Toxicity
Lead considered as one of the most risk toxicity of environmental contamination. It causes an increment accumulation in food especially plant food. Also, soy flour is widely used, inexpensive and aExpand
The preventive effect of cooked and germinated legumes on some disturbances accompanied with aging
The obtained results suggest that diets containing legumes, particularly the germinated form exert a beneficial effect in reducing some disturbances associated with aging. Expand