Selecting Hospital's Key Performance Indicators, Using Analytic Hierarchy Process Technique


Introduction: Hospitals performance indicators will help monitoring, evaluation and decision making and therefore must be selected and ranked accurately. The aim of the present study is to identify and to select key hospitals performance indicators. Materials and Methods: This is a quantitative-qualitative study in which literature review and expert panel has been done to identify all performance indicators. We prioritize performance indicators by Analytical Hierarchy process (AHP) technique. The data were analyzed by Excel 2007 and Expert Choice 11 software. Results: Hospital performance indicators are classified to three areas as QualityEffectiveness, EfficiencyFinancing and Accessibility–Equity. Indicators such as the rate of hospital average length of stay based on different diagnosis and the mean rate of inpatient waiting time are considered with highest priority performance indicators of public hospitals. Conclusion: Identifying hospitals key performance indicators provides an opportunity for health stakeholders to identify critical and problematic points with lower costs as well as time and to recognize the best correction action.

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