Selected stormwater priority pollutants: a European perspective.

  title={Selected stormwater priority pollutants: a European perspective.},
  author={Eva Eriksson and Anders Baun and L N L Scholes and Anna Ledin and Stefan Ahlman and Mike Revitt and Constantinos Noutsopoulos and Peter Steen Mikkelsen},
  journal={The Science of the total environment},
  volume={383 1-3},
The chemical characteristics of stormwater are dependent on the nature of surfaces (roads, roofs etc.) with which it comes into contact during the runoff process as well as natural processes and anthropogenic activities in the catchments. The different types of pollutants may cause problems during utilisation, detention or discharge of stormwater to the environment and may pose specific demands to decentralised treatment. This paper proposes a scientifically justifiable list of selected… CONTINUE READING


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