Selected psychological problems of patients with cardiac transplantation on a permanent pacing treatment.


The aim the study was to evaluate the psychological condition (psychological functioning) of patients after cardiac transplantation who were treated permanent pacing. The study group consisted of 8 men, aged 19-60, after cardiac transplantation. Due to persistent disorders of cardiac rhythm the patients were implanted a pacemaker. Besides the basic clinical tests the patients underwent the following psychological tests: State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) by C.D. Spielberger, Scale PIL by J.C. Crumbaugh and L.T. Maholick and The Adjective Check List ACL by H.G. Gough and Heilbrun. The applied methods allowed to define the structure and level of anxiety. They also made it possible to analyze the subjects' acceptance of life and their perception of the sense of life as well as determination of a characteristic set of mental needs. The studied subjects presented a high level of anxiety both as a condition and as a feature. No symptoms of existential neurosis were confirmed, but a high level of perception of the sense of life with correct evaluation of the value of life were revealed. Comparison of the real and the ideal concept of oneself allowed to select a set of psychological needs. The real concept of oneself was characterized by moderate needs determining the realization of the desire to succeed, moderate needs characteristic of social functioning in the direct interpersonal contacts, and moderate needs connected with the attitude towards life. In the ideal concept of oneself considerably higher intensity was noted concerning the set of needs connected with success. Clearly the need for contacts with the opposite sex was increased as well as the need for sharing one's own experiences and feeling with others. Self-control, self confidence and personal adaptation were also found to be greater.

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