• Biology
  • Published 2018

Seleção de genitores e populações segregantes de feijoeiro comum com alto potencial agronômico e escurecimento lento de grãos

  title={Seleç{\~a}o de genitores e populaç{\~o}es segregantes de feijoeiro comum com alto potencial agron{\^o}mico e escurecimento lento de gr{\~a}os},
  author={Fernanda de C{\'a}ssia Silva and Helton Santos Pereira and Patr{\'i}cia Guimar{\~a}es Santos Melo and Leonardo Cunha Melo},
Choosing parents and segregating populations are fundamental steps for the success in plant breeding. For the common bean crop, the development of genotypes that combine favorable agronomic traits and seed quality may increase the chances of adopting new cultivars. This study aimed to select promising parents and segregating populations to develop slow seed-coat darkening lines, together with high grain yield, lodging tolerance and short seed cooking time after storage, as well as to… CONTINUE READING