Seizure-induced changes in place cell physiology: relationship to spatial memory.

  title={Seizure-induced changes in place cell physiology: relationship to spatial memory.},
  author={Xianzeng Liu and Robert U. Muller and Li-Tung Huang and John L. Kubie and Alexander 6 Rotenberg and Bruno Rivard and Maria Roberta Cilio and Gregory L. Holmes},
  journal={The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience},
  volume={23 37},
Status epilepticus (SE) is a frequent neurological emergency associated with a significant risk of morbidity in survivors. Impairment of hippocampal-specific memory is a common and serious deficit occurring in many of the survivors. However, the pathophysiological basis of cognitive deficits after SE is not clear. To directly address the cellular concomitants of spatial memory impairment, we recorded the activity of place cells from CA1 in freely moving rats subjected to SE during early… CONTINUE READING