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Seitoja ja seidan palvontaa

  title={Seitoja ja seidan palvontaa},
  author={S. Paulaharju},
In autumn 2012, samples were taken from three sieidi stones in order to test blood residue analysis as a method for identifying marks of Sámi sacrifi cial practices. Prior to the fi eldwork, testExpand
A Touch of Red : Archaeological and Ethnographic Approaches to Interpreting Finnish Rock Paintings
Approximately 125 prehistoric rock paintings have been found in the modern territory of Finland. The paintings were done with red ochre and are almost without exception located on steep lakeshoreExpand
Zooarchaeological and stable isotope evidence of Sámi reindeer offerings
Abstract This paper presents new osteometric and stable isotope evidence of Sami reindeer offerings. Previous archaeological studies have shown that reindeer domestication and intensification ofExpand
Towards a Multiangled Study of Reindeer Agency, Overlapping Environments, and Human–Animal Relationships
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Animating rituals at Sámi sacred sites in northern Finland
This article concentrates on the performative nature of rituals at Sámi sacred sites called sieidi in northern Finland. These sites are usually natural objects, such as stones, unshaped by humans.Expand
Sacred and Profane Livelihood: Animal Bones from Sieidi Sites in Northern Finland
In this paper, animal offerings at Sámi sacrificial sites, sieidi (SaaN), will be discussed from an archaeological and a zooarchaeological point of view. Offerings are seen as a part of dailyExpand
Reindeer from Sámi offering sites document the replacement of wild reindeer genetic lineages by domestic ones in Northern Finland starting from 1400 to 1600 AD
Abstract Reindeer herding emerged among the indigenous Sami of Northern Fennoscandia between ca. 800 and 1500 CE. While the details of the reindeer domestication process are still actively debated,Expand
Acoustic Measurements and Digital Image Processing Suggest a Link Between Sound Rituals and Sacred Sites in Northern Finland
In northern Finland, near the canyon lakes of Julma-Ölkky, Somerjärvi, and Rotkojärvi, steep rock cliffs produce distinctive acoustic spaces. On these cliffs, prehistoric rock paintings (5200 to 1000Expand
Tradition and transformation in Sámi animal-offering practices
Abstract Archaeological evidence for ritual animal offerings is key to understanding the formation and evolution of indigenous Sámi identity in Northern Fennoscandia from the Iron Age to theExpand