Seismic anisotropy reveals the long route of the slab through the western-central Mediterranean mantle

  title={Seismic anisotropy reveals the long route of the slab through the western-central Mediterranean mantle},
  author={Francesco Pio Lucente and Lucia Margheriti and Claudia Piromallo and Guilhem Barruol},
In the south-eastern corner of the Tyrrhenian basin, in the central Mediterranean Sea, a tight alignment of earthquakes along a well-defined Benioff zone marks one of the narrowest active trenches worldwide, where one of the last fragment of the former Tethys ocean is consumed. Seismic tomography furnishes snapshot images of the present-day position of this slab, and seismic anisotropy allows to reconstruct the past kinematics of the subduction process. Using seismic anisotropy fast directions… CONTINUE READING
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