Seismic Vulnerability Assesment of Tall RC Building with Friction Pendulum Bearing System

  title={Seismic Vulnerability Assesment of Tall RC Building with Friction Pendulum Bearing System},
  author={Rony Joy and C. K. Prasad Varma Thampan},
  journal={International Journal of Civil Engineering},
  • R. Joy, C. Thampan
  • Published 25 August 2016
  • Engineering
  • International Journal of Civil Engineering
Seismic vulnerability analysis is a fertile area of research which needs more input from seismologists and engineers. This paper focuses on the development of fragility curves for a twelve-story reinforced concrete (RC) hospital building structure in India. Fragility curve is a statistical tool representing the probability of exceeding a given damage state to the earthquake intensity. A set of earthquake records were selected from PEER data base for the development of fragility curves… 

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