Seismic Imaging of Upper Crustal Structure Using Travel Times From the PASSCAL Ouachita Experiment

  title={Seismic Imaging of Upper Crustal Structure Using Travel Times From the PASSCAL Ouachita Experiment},
  author={William J. Lutter and Robert L. Nowack and L. W. Braile},
A first arrival travel time inversion applied to the 1986 PASSCAL Ouachita experiment has been used to image upper crustal structure. Twenty-one shot points every 10 km were recorded along two 100-km-long segments with 400 seismographs on each segment. A splined velocity model parameterization allowed for the inversion of laterally inhomogeneous models but not velocity discontinuities. Over 800 travel times were used in the inversion with a variable data covariance weighting. The multiple… CONTINUE READING


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