Seifert fibered spaces in 3-manifolds

  title={Seifert fibered spaces in 3-manifolds},
  author={William H. Jaco and P. B. Shalen},
Publisher Summary This chapter describes Seifert Fibered Spaces in 3-Manifolds. There exist finitely many disjoint, non-contractible, pairwise non-parallel, embedded 2-spheres in M, whose homotopy classes generate π2 (M) as a π2 (M)-module; and modulo the Poincare conjecture, these 2-spheres are unique up to ambient homeomorphism. Thus, all singular 2-spheres in M, that is, maps of S2 into M, may be described, up to homotopy, in terms of a geometric picture in M. The strong version of the… 


In the study of 3-manifolds, there is a long tradition of cutting up a 3-manifold along embedded 2-manifolds in order to obtain pieces that are simpler in some sense than the original manifold. One

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The main theorem shows that if M is an irreducible compact connected ori- entable 3{manifold with non-empty boundary, then the classifying space BDi (M rel @M) of the space of dieomorphisms of M

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The mapping class group of a topological space is the group of self-homeomorphisms modulo the equivalence relation of isotopy. For 2-manifolds (of finite type), it is a discrete group which is known

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The 2-thin part of a hyperbolic manifold, for an arbitrary positive number 2, is defined to consist of all points through which there pass homotopically non-trivial curves of length at most 2. For


Let G be a finite group acting on a closed, connected, orientable 3-manifold M as a group of orientation preserving diffeomorphisms. A closed orientable surface F embedded in M is said to be

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We prove a finiteness result for the $\partial$-patterned guts decomposition of all 3-manifolds obtained by splitting a given orientable, irreducible and $\partial$-irreducible 3-manifold along a

Ubiquity of geometric finiteness in mapping class groups of Haken 3-manifolds

Mapping class groups of Haken 3-manifolds enjoy many of the homological finiteness properties of mapping class groups of 2-manifolds of finite type. For example, H(M) has a torsionfree subgroup of