Seiberg-Witten maps for SO(1,3) gauge invariance and deformations of gravity

  title={Seiberg-Witten maps for SO(1,3) gauge invariance and deformations of gravity},
  author={Sorin Marculescu and Fernando Ru{\'i}z Ru{\'i}z},
  journal={Physical Review D},
A family of diffeomorphism-invariant Seiberg-Witten deformations of gravity is constructed. In a first step Seiberg-Witten maps for an SO(1,3) gauge symmetry are obtained for constant deformation parameters. This includes maps for the vierbein, the spin connection, and the Einstein-Hilbert Lagrangian. In a second step the vierbein postulate is imposed in normal coordinates and the deformation parameters are identified with the components theta(mu nu)(x) of a covariantly constant bivector. This… 

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