Seiberg-Witten map with Lorentz-invariance and gauge-covariant star product

  title={Seiberg-Witten map with Lorentz-invariance and gauge-covariant star product},
  author={Masud Chaichian and Melita Mnatsakanova and Markku I. Oksanen},
  journal={Nuclear Physics B},


Quantum duality under the θ-exact Seiberg-Witten map
A bstractWe show that in the perturbative regime defined by the coupling constant, the θ-exact Seiberg-Witten map applied to the noncommutative U(N) Yang-Mills — with or without Supersymmetry — gives
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Ambiguities in the Seiberg?Witten map and emergent gravity
The θ expansion of the Seiberg–Witten map has ambiguities which can be removed by a gauge transformation and/or a field redefinition. In the context of emergent gravity such a field redefinition