Segurança Alimentar e Consumo: Rastreabilidade e Certificação de Grãos GM e NON-GM

  title={Segurança Alimentar e Consumo: Rastreabilidade e Certificaç{\~a}o de Gr{\~a}os GM e NON-GM},
  author={A. Myszczuk and Clarissa Bueno Wandscheer and F. Glitz},
The serious food crises in Europe in the 90s changed the world stage on the food production, and, regard to genetically modified organisms, due to the lack of conclusive studies about its effects on human health and the environment, caution is required in its production, presenting itself to traceability and identity preservation systems as alternatives to ensure food safety for consumers. This article brings Brazilian legislation on tracing the chain of food products, specifically… Expand