Seguimiento de la reactogenicidad de la vacuna DTP cubana, utilizando dos métodos paralelos

  title={Seguimiento de la reactogenicidad de la vacuna DTP cubana, utilizando dos m{\'e}todos paralelos},
  author={Maria de los A Pe{\~n}a Machado and Telma Mar{\'i}a Triana Rodr{\'i}guez and Jorge Men{\'e}ndez Hern{\'a}ndez and Mayel{\'i}n Mirabal Sosa and Marlen Armesto del R{\'i}o and Morelia Bar{\'o} Su{\'a}rez and Lorenzo la Rosa Ocampo and Marlen Raymundo Vald{\'e}s and Liudmila Ibelin Eg{\"u}es Torres and Giset Jim{\'e}nez L{\'o}pez},
A study using two different and parallel information sources or methods was carried out with the purpose of assessing the reactogenicity of the Cuban diphteria-tetanus-petussis vaccine, developed at Finlay Institute. The first was an open, non-controlled Phase IV Clinical Assay (CA) in which 57 small babies were included. The second information source was the reports of the vaccine temporally associated events (VTAE) received at the National Pharmaceutical Surveillance Coordinating Unit (NPSCU… CONTINUE READING


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