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Segregation analysis reveals a major gene effect in compact and cancellous bone mineral density in 2 populations.

  title={Segregation analysis reveals a major gene effect in compact and cancellous bone mineral density in 2 populations.},
  author={G. Livshits and D. Karasik and O. Pavlovsky and E. Kobyliansky},
  journal={Human biology},
  volume={71 2},
Involvement of genetic factors in determining bone mineral density (BMD) is doubtless. However, the exact nature of the genes governing BMD variation and sources for genetic determination of BMD of different parts of bone (compact and cancellous) have not been completely studied. The results of the complex segregation analyses performed in our previous study (Livshits et al. 1996) on a Turkmenian sample strongly support the hypothesis that a single Mendelian locus has a large effect on BMD. The… Expand
Complex Segregation Analysis of the Radiographic Phalanges Bone Mineral Density and Their Age‐Related Changes
The aim of the present study was to test the hypothesis of pleiotropic MG control of three components of bone aging, that is, the baseline level of BMD, the age at onset of the bone mass loss, and the rate of this loss over the years. Expand
Evidence for a major gene for bone mineral density/content in human pedigrees identified via probands with extreme bone mineral density
A promising aspect of studies to identify a major gene for BMD/BMC variation in pedigrees identified via extreme probands is indicated. Expand
Complex segregation analyses of bone mineral density in Chinese
The results indicate a major gene of additive inheritance for hip BMD, whereas there is no evidence of a major genes influencing spine BMD. Expand
Genetic determination of bone mineral density: evidence for a major gene.
The hypothesis that a large component of the variance in BMD is under genetic control, with strong evidence for a major gene locus influencing BMD transmission is supported. Expand
Evidence of major gene control of cortical bone loss in humans
Testing the hypothesis of major gene control of CI variation in a large sample of pedigrees from Chuvashia, Russia revealed that the major gene model of CI inheritance is the best fitting and most parsimonious for the present data. Expand
Evidence for a major gene underlying bone size variation in the Chinese
It is suggested that genetic determination of bone size may be different from that of BMD, and thus studying bone size as one surrogate phenotype for osteoporotic fractures may be necessary. Expand
Transmission Disequilibrium Test for Hand Bone Mineral Density and 11q12-13 Chromosomal Segment
Test the hypothesis that the bone mineral density assessed from radiographs of the hand phalanges in a random sample of ethnically homogeneous pedigrees is linked to the 11q12-13 chromosomal segment and found evidence for possible linkage disequilibrium between BMD and some of the DNA markers. Expand
Complex Segregation Analysis Accounting for GxE of Bone Mineral Density in European Pedigrees Selected Through a Male Proband with Low BMD
Segregation analyses were conducted in a sample of 100 European pedigrees with 713 subjects identified via a male with low BMD values at either the Lumbar Spine or the Femoral Neck, and significant Age × gene and BMI × gene interactions were revealed. Expand
Bone mineral density is associated with estrogen receptor gene polymorphism in men.
The association between PvuII and XbaI restriction fragment length polymorphism and BMD Z score values of cancellous bone at the 3rd finger in 344 members of nuclear families of European population, Chuvasha, living in Russia was analyzed. Expand
Substantial Genetic Effects Involved in Determination of Circulating Levels of Calciotropic Hormones in Human Pedigrees
Variance component analysis, as implemented in the statistical package FISHER unambigously demonstrated that in addition to age, genetic factors contribute significantly to interindividual variation of both calciotropic hormones and two important bone mass traits, namely radiographic hands bone mineral density (BMD) and cortical index (CI). Expand