Segmentation of nuclei and cells using membrane related protein markers.

  title={Segmentation of nuclei and cells using membrane related protein markers.},
  author={Carlos Ortiz de Sol{\'o}rzano and Ravi Malladi and Sophie Leli{\`e}vre and Stephen J. Lockett},
  journal={Journal of microscopy},
  volume={201 Pt 3},
Segmenting individual cell nuclei from microscope images normally involves volume labelling of the nuclei with a DNA stain. However, this method often fails when the nuclei are tightly clustered in the tissue, because there is little evidence from the images on where the borders of the nuclei are. In this paper we present a method which solves this limitation and furthermore enables segmentation of whole cells. Instead of using volume stains, we used stains that specifically label the surface… CONTINUE READING

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