Segmentation of coronary arteries from CT angiography images

  title={Segmentation of coronary arteries from CT angiography images},
  author={Sergei V. Fotin and Anthony P. Reeves and Matthew D. Cham and Claudia I. Henschke and David F. Yankelevitz},
  booktitle={Medical Imaging: Computer-Aided Diagnosis},
We present an automated method for delineation of coronary arteries from Cardiac CT Angiography (CTA) images. Coronary arteries are narrow blood vessels and when imaged using CTA, appear as thin cylindrical structures of varying curvature. This appearance is often affected by heart motion and image reconstruction artifacts. Moreover, when an artery is diseased, it may appear as a non-continuous structure of widely varying width and image intensity. Defining the boundaries of the coronary… CONTINUE READING