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Segmentation of Lung Tumor from CT Images using Deep Supervision

  title={Segmentation of Lung Tumor from CT Images using Deep Supervision},
  author={Farhanaz Farheen and Md. Salman Shamil and Nabil Ibtehaz and Mohammad Sohel Rahman},
Lung cancer is a leading cause of death in most countries of the world. Since prompt diagnosis of tumors can allow oncologists to discern their nature, type and the mode of treatment, tumor detection and segmentation from CT Scan images is a crucial field of study worldwide. This paper approaches lung tumor segmentation by applying two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform (DWT) on the LOTUS dataset for more meticulous texture analysis whilst integrating information from neighboring CT slices… 



Lung Cancer Tumor Region Segmentation Using Recurrent 3D-DenseUNet

A data driven approach for lung tumor segmentation from CT scans is presented by using Recurrent 3D-DenseUNet, a novel fusion of Convolutional and Recurrent neural network, which shows more promise than crude intensity thresholding.

Lung-Originated Tumor Segmentation from Computed Tomography Scan (LOTUS) Benchmark

An overview of the VIP-Cup challenge is presented, along with the proposed algorithms and results, based on deep learning models combined with a false positive reduction technique.

A Pipeline for Lung Tumor Detection and Segmentation from CT Scans Using Dilated Convolutional Neural Networks

An automated pipeline for lung tumor detection and segmentation from 3D lung CT scans from the NSCLC-Radiomics Dataset is proposed and a new dilated hybrid-3D convolutional neural network architecture for tumor segmentation is presented.

Lung Nodule Classification Using Deep Features in CT Images

This work proposes a CAD system which uses deep features extracted from an auto encoder to classify lung nodules as either malignant or benign, and uses 4303 instances containing 4323 nodules from the National Cancer Institute Lung Image Database Consortium (LIDC) dataset to obtain an overall accuracy.

Computer aided lung cancer diagnosis with deep learning algorithms

This study tested the feasibility of using deep learning algorithms for lung cancer diagnosis with the cases from Lung Image Database Consortium (LIDC) database, including Convolutional Neural Network, Deep Belief Networks, and Stacked Denoising Autoencoder.

Detection of Lung Cancer in CT Images using Image Processing

The algorithm for lung cancer detection is proposed using methods such as median filtering for image pre- processing followed by segmentation of lung region of interest using mathematical morphological operations.

A Quantitative Approach for Determining Lung Cancer Using CT scan Images

This study shows the outcome of applying image processing operation like, preprocessing, segmentation and feature extraction, and proposes a method for classification of lung cancer based on two categories, four shapes and four margins.

Lung Cancer Detection and Classification with 3D Convolutional Neural Network (3D-CNN)

This paper demonstrates a computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system for lung cancer classification of CT scans with unmarked nodules, a dataset from the Kaggle Data Science Bowl, 2017, which outperforms the current CAD systems in literature.

Lung Cancer Detection using CT Scan Images

Lung tumour detection and classification using EK-Mean clustering

  • P. B. SangamithraaS. Govindaraju
  • Computer Science, Medicine
    2016 International Conference on Wireless Communications, Signal Processing and Networking (WiSPNET)
  • 2016
Tumour segmentation method for CT Images which takes apart non-enhancing lung tumours from healthy tissues has been carried out by clustering method, which uses pre-processing technique that remove unwanted artifacts using median and wiener filters.