Segmental switching strategy with zero output pulsation for dynamic EV wireless charging system

  title={Segmental switching strategy with zero output pulsation for dynamic EV wireless charging system},
  author={Qingwei Zhu and Yanjie Guo and Shufan Li and Lifang Wang and Chenglin Liao},
  journal={Iet Power Electronics},
In practical dynamic electric vehicle (EV) wireless charging applications, the charging roadway is segmented and the segments are switched on and off along with the passing-by EVs, which often causes output power pulsations. Here, the decoupling characteristics of two general inductively coupled coils are investigated. Based on which, an easy-implement switching strategy to minimise the output power pulsation in the repeatedly occurring segmental switches is proposed. Each segment is to be… Expand
Efficiency Analysis of a 7.4 kW Dynamic Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicle Through GaN Devices
  • Kundan Kumar, Subrata Banerjee, Raja Ram Kumar
  • 2020 IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems (PEDES)
  • 2020
The efficiency analysis is very important aspect which needs to investigate and enhance specially whenever it concerns to the electric vehicles (EVs) where range is a big challenge. Nowadays, theExpand
Design of a Downscaled Dynamic Wireless EV Charging System for Traffic Intersection Application
This paper presents the design of a 10:1 downscaled multi-transmit coil powered dynamic wireless electric vehicle charging (DWEVC) system for traffic intersection application with overall system efficiency of 88% at the wireless gap of 10.5cm. Expand
Achieving Low Carbon Emission for Dynamically Charging Electric Vehicles Through Renewable Energy Integration
A novel adaptive dynamic wireless charging system is proposed that enables mobile EVs to be powered by renewable wind energy by taking advantages of the proposed traffic flow-based charging demand prediction programme to cut down the system cost and carbon emissions. Expand
Optimization of Transmitting Coils Based on Uniform Magnetic Field for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Wireless Charging System
  • Wei Wang, Chenjin Xu, Cun Zhang, Jingyu Yang
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Magnetics
  • 2021
The operational flexibility of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be considerably improved by wireless charging without manual intervention in battery charging. To ensure the stability of powerExpand
Evaluation of a Meandering Track Primary Topology for EV Roadway Charging
The results show that this meandering track primary has a smaller impact on system electronic components and has better interoperability while it requires lower primary compensation rating compared to the lumped pad primary for the same power level. Expand
Integrated receiver with high misalignment tolerance used in dynamic wireless charging
An integrated two-layer receiver is presented to improve the tolerance of horizontal misalignment and the optimisation model based on the Bayesian algorithm is established for the proposed receiver structure and some key parameters are optimised. Expand